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Our Principles

We believe that our main responsibility is to our customers and all those who live in the homes furnished and decorated by us.
Our products should always be functional, beautiful and of the best quality.

Cioata Group offers customers more than just furniture of good quality. Customers do not simply get the furniture they ordered, they also take part in creating the shape of the product and manufacturing it, being aware of the stages and methods used in its execution, experiencing the emotions of the whole process.

Our customers are interested not only in the price of the products, but also in how safely the contract is carried out, and in the complete offer of Cioata Group: flexibility, correctness, continuity and quality.

We are enthusiastic about new ideas and they make us aspire to new achievements. We do not avoid designs and technologies that are demanding, innovative or radical. Unexplored paths are not foreign to us; problems, difficulties and the unknown are mere challenges. With us, what others "can not" becomes "possible".
We believe that introducing the new, the innovative, offers both our partners and us the opportunity to surpass ourselves.

Each employee contributes to the success of our products. Thus, we are aware of the responsibilities we have towards each individual and towards society and we assume these responsibilities.

The activities Cioata Group engages in are eco-friendly; we show respect to the environment in every stage of the manufacturing process. Therefore, the wood we use for our furniture comes only from forests that are replanted; our suppliers of timber are FSC certified.

We always aim to exploit timber to the full. The imposed technological steps, the design and the varieties of quality integrated in the furniture, the use of waste material for renewable energy production ensure that we make the best use of wooden material.

The employees of Cioata Group enjoy EU level working conditions, fair and safe wages, and always have the possibility of improvement. We develop lasting relationships with our employees and we feel responsible for their well-being.

Our responsibility towards the Community is reflected through the correct way we pay our taxes, charitable work and the support we provide for education, culture, health and sports.

The fundamental principle of the business activities of Cioata Group is "fairness in all": fairness in dealing with our customers, suppliers, employees and the community.

This belief motivates us to provide superior services.