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Primary Wood Processing

We specialize in the manufacturing of solid wood furniture.

At any time, our warehouse stores a quantity of ~6000 cubic meters of timber and logs, 65% oak, 15% cherry, 5% walnut, 5% linden, 5% resinous and 5% miscellaneous, originating from FSC certified forests in Romania.

The quality of the product is directly related to the quality of the raw material. Cioata Group controls all stages of the technological process from forest harvesting to the delivery of furniture.

The logging is always performed in the cold season, when insects and fungi are inactive.
The logs are stored for at least 3 months in our outdoor warehouse for seasoning.

After this period of time the logs are lumbered according to the characteristics of the lot.
The lumbering is done "at sight", using horizontal band saws to cut the logs, which grant an increased flexibility and optimum efficiency.
This sawing method enables us to make the best use of the texture and form of the wood, the timber being already directed towards the collection of furniture it will be used for.

Green timber is palletized and stored outdoors, where in the following minimum 6 months it will air and season.

Final drying is done on the premises in automated drying rooms.

Emerging from the drying rooms, the timber is stored in barns, protected from bad weather and environmental factors.

The dry timber warehouse is organized by species, classes of quality and thickness, and the dry timber stock can at any time cover the needs of the factory for a minimum of 3 months.

The long process (minimum 10 months) of preparing the wood from logs to dry timber is closely monitored and managed by our experts, the result being a raw material whose quality we can guarantee both throughout the manufacturing process and long after it is delivered to customers.